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Pair of 15th Century Antique Renaissance Period Smiling Angels
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Description: This a beautiful and extremely rare pair of statues from the second part of the 15th century representing a couple of smiling angels. This pair is actually a tribute to the famous 13th century statue of the smiling angel, a stone sculpture of the cathedral of Reims which was carved between 1236 and 1245 also called the Smile of Reims (Le Sourire de Reims). Reims located in northeaster France, was founded in 80 BC before the Roman conquest of northern Gaul. We would strongly advise you to google the name of the city as well as the name of the cathedral to see stunning pictures of the area and the famous angel. Both of these statues are meticulously hand carved from a single piece of solid oak. Each angel has floating hair and is draped in a coat whose fold forming a collar largely unveils the neck. Note the similarities between these two sculptures and the actual Smile of Reims. The details boasted by each angel, the structure of the drapery, the intricate folds of the coats as well as the narrow drooping shoulders can be related to the Mosan Art. The Mosan art is a regional style of art from the valley of the Meuse in present-day Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany. Although in a broader sense the term applies to art from this region from all periods, it generally refers to Romanesque art, with Mosan Romanesque architecture, stone carving, metalwork, enamelling and manuscript illumination reaching a high level of development during the 11th, 12th and 13th centuries. The representation of the drapery, with its numerous lateral windings, is heavier in the lower part, which represents similarities with the Virgin of Antwerp. By their style this pair can actually be attributed to a workshop in Liege. The city of Liege is located in Belgium’s French-speaking Walloon region (Here too we advise you to to google the name of the city to see magnificent pictures of the area as well as the famous Cathedral). Liege being after Paris the second larger city recognized for the high craftsmanship of its Cabinetmakers. These two angels are praying. The hands are missing on one of them as well as the wings which would have been flamboyant. Each of them is standing on a plexiglas base. A certificate of authenticity is provided. Circa date 1470-1490. Dimensions 23 ¾"high/ 13 ¾"long/ 6 ¾"wide.
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