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Émile Gallé French Art Nouveau Cameo Banjo Vase
stock #178051NM710
Description: This is a beautiful and colorful vase from the famous French Artist Émile Gallé (May 8, 1846 - 23 September 1904) considered to be one of the driving forces behind the Art Nouveau movement. Gallé's career took off at the Paris Exhibition of 1878 and he became known internationally at the Paris Exhibition of 1889. This lovely vase is one of its many pieces of art and is commonly called Banjo Vase due to its shape. It is exquisitely embellished with foliage in purple with the signature at the bottom. Circa date 1890-1900. Dimensions 6 ¾"high/ 3 ¼"wide/ 2 ¼"deep.
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