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16th Century Antique French Madonna and Child VIERGE A L'ENFANT
stock #TUC001N6420
Description: This is an extremely rare first quarter of the 16th century polychrome Madonna and Jesus, commonly called VIERGE A L'ENFANT dites en Majeste by the French, sculpted from a single piece of larch during the reign of King Francis I. This piece is originally coming from the Languedoc-Roussillon area, a former administrative region in southern France. This stunning antique is typical of the era by its Renaissance representation. Mary is depicted as a queen with young Jesus as a crowned prince, both are very static with a straight posture , classical of the period, which can also be seen in several Italian paintings (Some of the most famous being Maesta  of Duccio (14th Century) or Maesta  di Santa Trinita  (13th century), we would strongly advise you to google these names to see these stunning pieces of art). Note the disproportionated hand of Jesus for blessing and protection. Several scratches, chips and dents can be seen all over this more or less 500 years old piece of history. A certificate of authenticity is provided. Contact us for more details. Circa date 1510-1520. Available online only. Dimensions 21"high/ 7½"wide/ 6½"deep.
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