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18th Century Antique French Regency Period Parisian Cartel Clock
stock #159143N13560
Description: This is a magnificent Cartel made in Paris during the first half of the 18th century by the end or just after the Regence period. This latter started after the death of Louis XIV from 1715 up to 1723. Louis XV being too young, a Regent named Philippe D'Orleans ruled the country. This stunning and intricately designed brown tortoiseshell veneered bracket clock is typical from this era with a sumptuous embellishment of cast bronze ormolus and brass inlaid following Boule's Design. This breathtaking Cartel is signed by Raymond-Jean-Baptiste LENOIR named "the Oldest" being the older brother (nickname Raimond with a I instead of a Y), while this latter was only in his twenties. He was born on March 7th 1702 in Rennes, and deceased on April 3rd 1780. This piece is good working order but a clockmaker might be necessary to level the mechanism after transportation. Everything is in original condition. Do not hesitate to request additional pictures of this wonderful piece. This piece is part of Mr Tucci private collection. A certificate of authenticity will be provided. Contact us for more details. Circa 1720-1725 Dimensions 47"high)/ 16"wide/ 7 ½"deep.
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